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Chilli Long Green - per kg

Chilli Long Green - per kg

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1. Rich in nutrients

2. Sanity the lungs

3. Mood boosters and increase appetite

4. Healing the wound

5. Anti-aging and cure acne

6. Produce oil for skin

7. No calories

8. Pain-killer

9. Prevent cancer and diabetes.

10. Make the skin healthy

11. Reduce blood sugar levels

12. Helping digestive system

13. Good for heart

14. Bone’s care

15. Reduce cholesterol

16. Make your hair beautiful

17. Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory

18. Anti bacterial and anti fungus

19. Helping in digest food quickly – Because green chili peppers has lots of fiber, it can help our digestion to di the food faster.

20. Lose weight – You can use the green chili peppers as an intake for your diet programming.

21. Helping fade the rash – Green chili peppers also have phytonutrients content that works for fades the stains, rashes, and even acne on the face.

22. Sanify the eyes

23. Increase iron content

24. Prevent constipation

25. Increase the immune system

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