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Kiwifruit Green - each

Kiwifruit Green - each

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  • Ripe fruits are consumed fresh by scooping out the pulp.
  • Kiwi is also served as appetizers, slices in fruit salads, salsas and with yogurt , croissant and ice-cream .
  • Fruits (under ripe) are used to make jams, jelly, pickles and chutney.
  • Peeled fruits are pickled with vinegar, spices and brown sugar .
  • Ripe fruits are canned whole and also preserved by freezing.
  • Blend ripe kiwi fruit to make sherbets slush, smoothies, beverages and shaved ice.
  • Use kiwifruit as toppings for ice cream.
  • This fruit is used as a basis of sports drink, meat tenderizer and food.

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