Snake Gourd - each

Snake Gourd - each

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Consumption of snake gourd is beneficial for those suffering from various cardiac problems such as palpitation, pain and blood pressure. Its potassium content improves circulation, thereby relieving the pressure on the cardiovascular system.The low calorie vegetable with minimum sugar content and a low glycemic index is a healthy dietary choice for those who have Type 2 diabetes, lessening the effects of the condition. Its high fibre content reduces bloating, also improving the body’s nutrient absorption capacity, consequently aiding the digestive process.

Due to its diuretic properties, snake gourd is beneficial in flushing toxins from the body. It helps to enhance liver function, increases the creation of bodily fluids and consequently facilitates the expulsion of toxins by way of urination. Including it in your daily diet assists in promoting healthy functioning of the bladder as well as kidneys.

Due to its high vitamin, mineral, moisture and antioxidant content, snake gourd promotes healthy hair, scalp, and skin by keeping it hydrated.

The fat-free nutritious green vegetable with its high moisture content is a good dietary option to keep one’s weight in check.

The combination of Vitamin C, antioxidant carotenes, and antibiotic properties along with a plethora of other nutrients like manganese, zinc, folate, and magnesium present in the vegetable significantly contribute to strengthening the immune system and boosting one’s overall health.

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